Teresa of the Faeries (tclefey) wrote in wiccan_muse,
Teresa of the Faeries

I wrote this not so long ago

It's based on the goddess and is influenced by the tradtional Celtic Boast (such as Talesien saying "there is not anything in which I haven't been.")

I am the Spring Maid, the embodiement of hope.
I am the flowers, the warm breeze, the fresh rains.

I am the Temptress, the seductress; she who draws in and casts away.
I am the fires, the embodiement of desire.

I am the womb-heavy Mother, the embodiement of fertility.
I am the rich soil, the ripening apple, the green earth.

I am the old Bean Sidhe Crone, bringer of death, the sow who eats her own farrow.
I am the winter, the great storm, the Divine psychopomp of death.

I am everything. I have been in everything. There is nothing my grace has not touched. There is nothing beyond my reach.

I am all there has ever been, all there is, and all that shall ever be.
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